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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

"Ladies in Lavender"

Synopsis: Dashing young foreigner washes ashore to home of old biddy English ladies. I can't believe it. I really liked this movie. The worst thing about this flick is the title. God, why did they call it "Ladies in Lavender"? A major turnoff. "One ticket, please, for Ladies in Lavender." What I liked about the film was that it dealt with people getting older, and recognizing that, and coming to terms with it. The preview led you to believe that there was going to be some political aspect, but that part of the film was never really fleshed out. The film's being marketed to the geriatric set, so watch out in the theater when you have to sit among people who keep stage-whispering to their companion: "What'd she say?"This actor--who was in "Goodbye, Lenin"--which I barely remember because I fell asleep in the theater (I was pregnant at the time) is what the critics' pull quotes would call a "charm," a "delight." All good clean fun. (Image via and