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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Albee Goes Lowbrow

I had to read this twice, and you probably will too: Edward Albee, one of our preeminent drama playwrights, is a fan of "That '70s Show," a super lame, brain-draining sitcom on Fox, starring Ashton Kutcher. This week's New York Magazine asked Mr. Albee questions about influences. Here's the section that gave me pause:

NYM: I’ve read that you used to skip your own premieres.

Edward Albee
: Yes—if I could find a Monty Python movie, I would go there. I do think Fawlty Towers is one of the greatest television series. Right now, I’m deeply enamored of a really bad show called "That ’70s Show." It’s fucking funny.

I guess he has the escape-route phrase "a really bad show" to save himself from this confession, but he does describe it as "fucking funny." He sees something in it that I simply can't. (Image via South Methodist University)