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Monday, January 23, 2006

Sold to You by Your Favorite Communist

Somewhere artist Frida Kahlo is weeping. Kahlo--a devout Communist and later Stalinist--is hawking Tequila to sucker hipsters and latinos who have a "Pasion por La Vida." This ad popped up in a recent New York Observer supplement, and, for Frida followers, it borders on blasphemy. According to Art for a Change, Frida's niece is the Dick Cheney at the controls of "The Frida Kahlo Corporation." That blog is urging for a boycott of the liquor.

I thought it might be more appropriate if the marketers used one of the following images in their next ad campaign:

Frida and Trotsky, who lived with her and Diego Rivera after Mexico granted him political asylum.

Frida protesting the ouster of Guatemalan president by the CIA.