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Monday, January 09, 2006

Woody's Ace

Ten minutes into Woody Allen's new movie, "Match Point," I had to remind myself that this is a Woody Allen movie. The flick takes place in London and focuses on a tennis coach's luck in life and love. This is a well-written, -structured, -paced movie with excellent performances, especially the lead Jonathan Rhys Meyers. However, if you've shunned Woody for the past eight or so years and think the coast is clear to enter the theater again, don't expect to see any signature Woodyisms up there on the screen. There is no humorous neurotic character, zinging out one-liners. Like "Crimes and Misdemeanors," "Match Point" is more a study of human frailities. I did miss New York as a location in this film, but this story will pull you along in such a way that you'll hardly notice.