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Monday, March 20, 2006

United in the Bedroom

"Women in the Bedroom," a group exhibit at Larissa Goldston gallery, is one of those shows in which individual work can stand on its own but seems stronger when seen with other like-minded art. That can be considered a negative for the individual artists, but it's a plus for the viewer and the curator. The paintings, photography, and sculpture all work together very well, emphasizing each other's strengths. In addition, the gallery has reserved a room for prints by Robert Rauschenberg, whose "Bed" painting inspired this show. (Isn't that typical? The man gets his own room--with a window no less--while the women are scattered throughout the rest of the gallery.)

(Images via Larissa Goldston gallery. From top to bottom, Laurie Simmons, Erica Svec, and Sophia Petrides)