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Monday, April 03, 2006

Four for the Price of Two

Michael Steinberg Fine Art gallery is showcasing two artists who both have more than one technique to convey their vision. Susan Jennings' show, "Strange Liberty," includes video and photography. The image on the left is from a series on hair, in which women age 10 to 72 had their hair photographed. Below is a video image from a different series called "Sparkler." The hair project seems much more interesting in terms of process than in the end product, while the video work seemed a bit mundane.

Tatiana Trouve is the other artist featured at the Steinberg gallery. Her show, "Intranquillity," includes sculpture and drawings. The image below of huge balls of yarn next to super-small crutches for some reason intrigued me. As well, I liked her drawings of spartan rooms with copper cords.

(Images via Michael Steinberg gallery and Artnet)