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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Daddies Dearest

If your father is an S.O.B., don't worry. You can always make a documentary about him. "Tell Them Who You Are" and "My Architect" are films directed by sons whose fathers were famous, talented, and severely lacking in the daddy skills department. Mark Wexler's film ("Tell Them...") shows his cinematographer extraordinaire dad, Haskell, warts and more warts. This isn't a revenge flick. Mark doesn't lash out at Pops; Haskell lets his egotism and selfishness shine through all by himself. In "My Architect," Nathaniel Kahn investigates and searches for his father, legendary architect Louis Kahn who died 25 years ago. Nathaniel was the illegitimate son who Louis, although would visit, never lived with or publicly acknowledged. Nathaniel discovers his father through visiting his buildings, while Mark Wexler lays in wait for Haskell to reveal a few moments of tenderness. Overall, both sons love their dads and seem starved for the lost affection.

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