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Thursday, August 31, 2006

World's Most Expensive Hood Ornament

I had a somewhat "This Is Spinal Tap" experience while checking out an exhibit at Peter Blum gallery. I visited the gallery because I had read that a Giacometti piece was on display. I scanned the room, expecting to see one of A.G.'s elongated figures confronting me. Nothing. Oops, wait. There it is. In that case. Standing tall at four and a half inches. This sculpture would fit nicely on a car's hood. Seeing this mini-A.G. was like when Spinal Tap expects to see an 18-foot replica of Stonehenge on stage, but it turns out to be only 18 inches. (I just read that after WWII, A.G.'s sculptures got smaller and smaller, some only an inch high.) This eclectic exhibit also boasts works by David Smith, Louise Bourgeois, John Beech (really liked this piece), along with some ancient African sculpture. (Image courtesy of Peter Blum Gallery New York)