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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bye-Bye MoMA?

Does an Andy Warhol exhibit even deserve a review? You know the artist, you know the work. If you dig both, you'll dig "Cast a Cold Eye: The Late Works of Andy Warhol" at two Gagosian galleries. What struck me about this show wasn't Warhol or his deadpan take on mortality but the fact that galleries are taking on a role usually reserved for museums. Remember when an art gallery was about as big as a closet? No more. A number of Chelsea galleries are literally the size of gymnasiums. "Cast a Cold Eye" includes more than 90 works, and some of these paintings are huge, stretching to 35 feet wide. These super galleries have the reputation and money to pull off these shows that rival ones presented by museums. I wonder what the future of modern art museums will be. Only a place for Picasso and Van Gogh mega-shows and for tourists to congregate? (Images via Gagosian Gallery)

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