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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Insider Art

Cary Leibowitz I love Warhol Piss PaintingsCary Leibowitz's exhibit at Alexander Gray Associates is very inside baseball, very wink-wink, and, surprisingly, less irritating than you would think. For instance, wood blocks and large campaign buttons pronounce, Cary Leibowitz Fran Drescher hat"I Love Warhol Piss Paintings," referring to a period of Warhol's work that a lot of people hated. In addition, the artist riffs on Frank Stella's "Rainbow," with a painting of upside down and right-side up '70s-style rainbows. Also on display are winter hats with the slogan "Fran Drescher Fan Club" knitted into them. This show is supposed to be humorous, but I was straight faced throughout...until I saw the $75 price tag on one of the knit hats. (Images via Alexander Gray Associates)

Cary Leibowitz Sad Rainbow, Happy Rainbow