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Monday, April 16, 2007

Ikea Never Looked So Good

Jorge Pardo lightsJorge Pardo is known for his design aesthetic, but, to me, his show at Friedrich Petzel gallery looked liked a bunch of junk. Walking into the gallery is like entering a super cheap version of Ikea. Lights with fried tendrilled lampshades hang from the ceiling, while wine credenzas line the walls. The lamps I could deal with if I were 18 years old and decorating my dorm room. The wine credenzas, which can hold 100 bottles, were slapped together. I opened a door to one but couldn't close it again. Overall, all the material was cheap crap, and the designs were Urban Outfitters hand-me-downs. I truly don't know if this show was supposed to be funny or not. (Images via Friedrich Petzel gallery)

Jorge Pardo Wine Credenza