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Friday, June 01, 2007

Army of One

YUE MINJUN Terra Cotta WarriorsI checked out Yue Minjun's show at Max Protetch gallery only because Yue is hyperhot. (One of his paintings recently sold for $1.4 million). With this show, Yue remains consistent. Known for works that feature multiple self-portraits with a big smile and laughing, the artist has created 25 statues of himself, entitled "25 Contemporary Terra Cotta Warriors," referring to the First Emperor of China's Terra Cotta Warriors in Shanxi Province. When I visited the gallery, a staff member was giving each statue a sponge bath. I have to admit that his unintentional performance art piece was far more interesting than Yue's replicas. (Images via Max Protetch gallery)

YUE MINJUN Terra Cotta Warriors Detail