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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Designer and the Artist

Is Marc Jacobs spring 2008 collection really front page news? The New York Times thinks so. Cathy Horyn proclaims that Jacobs offers "an antidote to the cartoonish Jessica Rabbit sexuality that has dominated women’s fashion for more than 20 years." However, what caught my interest in the article was a quote from artist John Currin, who is known for his hardcore graphic sex paintings. “So often when sex is done in fashion, it’s what is hard, interchangeable and jaded. This seemed very romantic.” How I hope that Currin takes a bit of his own advice, and that his next batch of paintings don't focus on the "hard, interchangeable, and jaded." Despite both Horyn's and Currin's assessment, Jacobs collection showed a lot of skin and hints at underwear as outerwear.

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