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Monday, October 10, 2005

Late to "Funeral"

Although I downloaded Arcade Fire's album "Funeral" eight months ago, I have finally given it a good listening. [I got sidetracked by "Smile," my jazz CDs (I had four-month listening marathon), and Interpol's "Turn on the Bright Lights" (again, late, released in 2002).] I'm happy to report that the hype about Arcade Fire is true. This Canadian band's debut is one of those albums (like Interpol's "...Bright Lights") where you end up playing it at least once a day because a song gets wedged in your head, and you must simply listen to it only one more time. (Only once, but then you hit Play again when noone's looking.) Most addictive song: cut #9 "Rebellion (Lies)." I would warn that it took a good solid three times of listening to the disc before the music finally clicked with me. On my CD, I accidentally added a Brian Jonestown Massacre song, "The Devil May Care," which is a real bonus and closes out my version of "Funeral."