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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Loosely Tied "Bonds of Love"

marilyn minter, shy shoes

"Bonds of Love," an all-female exhibit at John Connelly Presents gallery, reminded me a lot of the early 1990s' art & pop culture scene. Currated by Lisa Kirk, a Riot Grrl aura was pervasive through the three separate (quite hot--we're having a humidity wave here in NYC) galleries. I recommend seeing the show, but I would add don't expect to see anything eye-opening. I feel like I've seen this Bikini Kill-aesthetic before, from a video of women dressed in gorilla costumes talking in German about men to Kathy Acker-inspired drawings to a decapitated Virgin Mary statue. You know the scene. The above image by Marilyn Minter was my favorite. Here are some other images:

sherry wong

kati heck, installation of drawings

kati heck, detail from installation