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Monday, August 29, 2005

"Greater New York" at PS 1

Amp Power stopped in at P.S. 1 in Queens to check out the soon-to-end "Greater New York." The exhibit showcases artists who have emerged on the NY scene since 2000. We had a blast. We arrived just as the "WarmUp" was starting: the courtyard was packed with hipsters and beautiful people drinking and dancing, prepping to get looped. The artwork seemed fun and not too taxing, which I guess could be considered a negative. But I really enjoyed myself. Here's some of my favorite stuff:

rob fischer
(This was my favorite artist.)

Dana Schutz

jamie isenstein

tobias putrih
(This is made of corrugated cardboard and looks like a beehive.)

Jen DeNike
(This is a still from a video in which two guys wrestle on the ground. An adjacent video played two guys wrestling in a pool.)

yuken teruya
This diorama of a tree is made out of a McDonald's bag.