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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

For Brian Wilson Fans Only

Just saw this article in New York Magazine about Brian Wilson's influences.

Best Part:
NYM: Can you tell me what sort of literature affected you when you were growing up in Hawthorne, California?
BW: The Act of Creation, by Arthur Koestler, and it turned me on to some very special things. It explains that people attach their egos to their sense of humor before anything else. After I read it, I saw that trait in many people.

(Alicatte: Yes, I'm running out to buy this book.)

Most Disappointing Part:

NYM: When you came out of that dark phase in the eighties, what were you listening to?
BW: David Lee Roth. I thought that his version of “California Girls” was really, really good.

(Alicatte: I can take solace only in the fact that Brian W. was coked out of his brains and his judgment must have been impaired.)

For those of you interested in a time-capsule profile of Brian, check this article out.