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Monday, August 01, 2005

Amazing "Life and Limb"

"Life and Limb" at Feigen Contemporary gallery is the type of exhibit that reminds why you trudge about those streets of Chelsea. As soon as you enter the gallery, you can tell that this group show features artists who are masters of technique, craftmanship, and interpretation. The show ends Aug. 12, so hurry to this amazing show.

Here are my favorite images:

"Daedalus and icarus," Tim Davis

That flashbulb effect is a part of the artwork. I almost bought this one. In person, it's quite arresting.

harvey darger

This image is free floating. There's an image on the back of it as well.

"Double Portrait," Paul Hodgson

Loved this one. It reminded me of the recreations of paintings in Derek Jarman's film "Caravaggio."

"Untitled," Nicky Hoberman

This pastel on paper was quite affecting. It's big, and the little girls' stares dare you to look away.