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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Makes Me Wanna Throw Up

I HATE this print ad. For the past week, it's been popping up in the NYT in weird places. Today, it's in the Food Section.
Why I hate it:
1) I'm sick of "funny pets" in films (pets sitting on toilets, pets humping legs, pets receiving mouth to mouth resuscitation); 2) I don't like John Cusack's lacquer-black fake dyed hair. Men shouldn't dye their hair; 3) the position of Diane Lane's hand trying to cover up the fast-approaching aging process.
These actors are in their 40s. I'm sure the film is about how we're all just kids at heart when it comes to love. I really, really doubt that this is a mature comedy about a middle-aged couple, a la "Annie Hall" or "An Unmarried Woman." But, oh, wouldn't it be nice?