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Thursday, July 28, 2005

One Bad Apple at Mirage

This exhibit at Alexander and Bonin, called Mirage, started out swimmingly. This entrancing porcelain sculpture, called "Milk Crown," is the first thing you see upon entering the gallery.

jennifer bolande

To enter the main exhibit, you have to walk through a curtain of green beads, so very '70s, which I loved. A mini-slideshow was going on of images of chairs on top of each other in different positions. It was almost like snapshots of a chair dance or ballet. I'm a sucker for that slide projector sound.

Next a series of images of men standing on their hands in the woods, fields, rocks.

robert kinmont

But then, unfortunately, I came upon the bad apple....

Florian Pumhosl

Yes, that is a big plate of glass leaning against the wall. That's it. I really hope I am wrong. Perhaps, someone just happened to leave it there by accident. Everything was going so well. It really turned me off to the whole show, which is a shame.