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Monday, February 27, 2006

Out Like a Lamb, In Like a Silverblatt

For those of you who donned black armbands when Brian Lamb discontinued "Booknotes" on CSPAN, I may have a reason for you to shake off the mourning garb and to smile again. On Jonathan Schwartz's radio program (his show of American popular standards airs weekly on WNYC), he recommended that people tune into "Bookworm," a west coast radio show hosted by Michael Silverblatt. Like Brian Lamb's show, Silverblatt interviews authors in-depth. Really in-depth. Not only does Silverblatt read the author's current book, but he consumes the writer's entire oeuvre. (Charlie Rose, are you listening?) Here's a partial list of half-hour interviews you'll find in the website's archives: Joan Didion, Mary Gaitskill, Kazuo Ishiguro, Tom Wolfe, Marilynne Robinson, Mark Helprin, John Banville, Norman Mailer.... You get the picture. Here's Michael Silverblatt's "Bookworm" website. (I note that Silverblatt sounds like he's coming out of a coma, and figuring out the site's archives is a pain.)