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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Buzz Killer?

Bad buzz isn't the reason "All the King's Men" tanked this past weekend at the box office, as the New York Times contends. The reason is much simpler: it's a bad movie. The Times argues that when Sony Pictures decided to push its release date from last Christmas to this fall, moviegoers sensed the film was in trouble and, because of that negative publicity, stayed clear of the theaters. Sorry. Don't think so. I pay close attention to Hollywood gossip, and somehow this film's "bad buzz" slipped right past me. The movie has gotten uniformly horrible reviews. Even if the reviews were positive, you must admit that "All the King's Men" is a terrible movie title, even if it is based on the book by the same name. Does anyone really want to see a period piece about Southern politicians? Not me.

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