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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

So 20th Century

Any exhibit that uses "Glengarry Glen Ross," Patty Hearst, and Ciccone Youth as cultural touchstones is all right in my book. "Boilermaker," a group show at Stellan Holm gallery, is very rock and roll, very hip--if the viewer's 1970-1980 pop culture knowledge is up to snuff. (Does anyone under the age of 40 still groove on Patty/Tania?) Besides Russell Young's blown-up mugshot of Ms. Hearst, I also liked Brian Block's "Untitled (American Script 2)" (above) and Graham Dolphin's "Eyes of Madonna with 18 Sonic Youth Songs" (far below). This show is about celebrity, publicity and selling during a time that seems long, long ago. (Images via Stellan Holm gallery)