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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Paint It Black (Or A Really Deep Blue)

Mark Grotjahn Blue Paintings, Light to Dark, One through TenMark Grotjahn Blue Painting Light to Dark IIThe above image captures my first impression upon entering the Mark Grotjahn exhibit at Anton Kern gallery: a bunch of black canvases. But hold on. Step closer and inspect, and you'll be rewarded. First, these paintings aren't even black but a deep midnight blue that bleeds into blackish blue. Second, the texture is so dense that your fingertips will itch to touch. You would swear that the artist painted on a raised grained wood. Grotjahn describes these works as "butterfly paintings"; however, the images look more like black stars exploding in deep space. (Images via Anton Kern gallery)

Mark Grotjahn Blue Painting Light to Dark VIII