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Monday, March 05, 2007

Cowboys and Indians (Sort Of)

Robert Gober Untitled (Melted Rifle on Crate of Apples)Robert Gober's two new sculptures are less than three feet high and more than 200 yards apart. Each sculpture--one of a footstool with a crate of apples and a Dali-esque melted rifle, the other of another stool with a packing blanket on it--is displayed in separate Matthew Marks' galleries more than a block apart. These works are completely handcrafted from plastic and other synthetic materials; no found art here. However, these replicas are so perfect that it's had to tell that they're fakes. This small subtle show has something to do with the Wild West, Americana, and Manifest Destiny, but by the time you reach the sister gallery, you may forget what you think you figured out.