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Monday, February 26, 2007

Canvas Vs. Bone Structure

The main reason I attended the Armory Show, which showcases art from more than 150 art galleries from around the world, was to see the Art. But I have to admit that the people attending this massive four-day fair caught my eye more often than any artwork hanging on the cubicle/booth walls. The crowd oozed money. These folks were real bluebloods, and they had the bone structure to prove it. No nouveau riche here; this was old money. And perhaps the galleries' presented art mirrored the clientele. The art here was meant to be bought, not to shake the viewer up and make him think of art in a different way. That's not to say, it was vanilla. Some work was very good (I liked the Marilyn Minter painting above), but none stayed with me after I left the tents. (Images via and Lesnyjnfelix)