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Monday, May 09, 2005

Haunting "Oldboy"

I saw this image from another blog. It's a still from the Korean flick "Oldboy," which is one of current favorite flicks. It kinda sent shivers down my spine. If you click this post's title, it will take you to an Oldboy site. Half of it is in Korean script, but the images really conjured up the film's experience for me. Seeing those images reminded me of the time after I saw "Blue Velvet." Unexpectedly, I heard the song Blue Velvet on the radio, and the song sent me spinning w/those haunting images from the film. While watching Oldboy, I was alternately tormented by a physically gross scene (eating a live octopus, pulling teeth, cutting out tongue) and an emotionally devastating one (suicide, loneliness, regret). Great way to spend your time, eh? No, truly, I thought it was a great flick. (Image via