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Friday, December 02, 2005

"I'm a Genius Too"

If your dad was a drunk who browbeat your family with megalomanic speeches that ran the manipulation-spectrum of barking interrogation to maudlin self-pitying, you may want to skip this post. A WFMU blog, which I found on a Beach Boys message board, has posted a recording of Murry Wilson (dad of Brian, Dennis, and Carl) storming a Beach Boys' recording session. The blog sets the scene:
January 8, 1965: The Beach Boys enter the studio to record what will become their second number one hit, Help Me Rhonda. Well into the session, a drunken Murry Wilson arrives and proceeds to commandeer the session with psychodrama, scat singing and weepy, abusive melodrama. The session tape captured it all.
On the recording is the infamous line "I'm a genius too," which Murry zapped at Brian during the session. Also, Brian refers to his deaf ear, which allegedly came from a beating from Murry. The edited 12-minute recording is oppressive, sad, and depressing. Enjoy! (Image via Brian Wilson's Official Site ?? Can't remember)