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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Scary Monsters and Super Creeps

GE Monogram ads, which feature the super-rich in their super kitchens, have always given me the creeps. I recently received a GE Monogram supplement in my newspaper. Here are some of the scarier ads. (To get the full effect, click on the image and read the "aren't you jealous" captions.) The kitchens look like a cross between an operating theater and a hotel lobby, and you know damn well that none of these people knows how to boil water (that's what the servants are for), let alone "prepare paella and trifle," as the above ad says.

The phrase "Feng Shui spirit" is a huge red flag for beware at all costs this embalmed couple in their "house of glass."

This couple actually looks normal. What's not normal is the size of that refrigerator. The ad says the couple "owns not one but two of the largest capacity refrigerators available. The freezer is on the other side of the wall."