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Friday, May 12, 2006


I was tagged by CultureSpace, so here it goes:

I am a pessimist who expects everything to go right.
I want to be an optimist who expects everything to go wrong.
I wish I had software to download music for free.
I hate any policy or person associated with the Bush Administration or multinationals.
I love the two men in my life.
I miss the days before videos and DVDs when going to the movies was an event.
I fear that I won't be wise when I get old.
I hear rice steaming.
I wonder if I'm too old to wear black Chuck Taylors.
I regret almost nothing.
I am not a follower or a leader.
I dance never.
I sing for two days whatever awful pop song gets lodged in my head while in the convenience store.
I cry at the end of Midnight Cowboy.
I am not always cynical.
I make with my hands a very good spaghetti sauce.
I write in my head while strolling around.
I confuse numbers when writing down phone numbers.
I need a pedicure.
I should start posting more than once a day.
I start reading magazine articles from the end to the beginning.
I finish a bottle of wine every other night.
I tag no one in particular.