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Friday, September 01, 2006


Who was the genius who thought up this ad? In a recent Burberry ad, Bryan Ferry, Roxy Music's lead singer, poses with the most sexless-looking woman in the world. Ferry, whose persona is Frank Sinatra meets David Bowie, has always been about glam, glam, glam. This is a man who not only wore eye shadow on stage but romanced Jerry Hall. This is a man who not only said that he'd wear "the sluttiest stiletto heels" if he were a woman but also issued out the image for the "Country Life" album cover. I can't believe B.F. would OK this. (I love how his head is turned away from the model, as though he is about to tell a P.A. to call his manager pronto.) Who knows, though. Maybe the model is his son in drag. Now, that I could dig. (Image via W magazine, Amazon)

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