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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mugs for Sale

Aren't these images great? You can't deny that these expressions are priceless and these photos do capture that elusive decisive moment. However, something about "Least Wanted: A Century of American Mugshots" at Steven Kasher Gallery rubbed me the wrong way. I visited the gallery at an awkward time. The staff was scurrying around affixing color-coded dots on the mugshot frames that correlated to a price list chart, similar to what you'd see at an Ann Taylor Outlet Store. Except you'd never pay these prices at an outlet mall. For $500 to $900, you can own the likeness of these down-and-out petty criminals. (Imagine if these guys and gals had known what their photos would fetch someday.) If these mugshots, which Mark Michaelson has painstakingly collected, were displayed at the public library and weren't for sale, I would celebrate this exhibit. If you do attend, try to avoid looking at those little colored dots on the frames, and I'm sure that you'll enjoy the show more than I did. (Images via Steven Kasher Gallery)