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Friday, December 22, 2006

Run to Walkabout

It's happened to me only twice in my life: when you rent a movie that has such a magnetic pull that you literally sit shock-still until the end credits. (And even at that point, you're still stunned by the filmmaker's narcotic expertise.) The first time was about 18 years ago when I saw Lina Wertmuller's "Seven Beauties." The second time was about six years ago when I rented Nicholas Roeg's "Walkabout." This entrancing 1971 flick will be screening at Film Forum, starting today for a week. (If this movie had such an effect on me in my living room, imagine the experience in a darkened movie theater!) The film focuses on the journey of two children who become lost in the Australian outback and meet an aborigine. Roeg created a dreamy flick that takes full advantage of the medium's techniques to transport you. I guarantee that it will not disappoint. (Images via here, here, and here)