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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Peter Welz video One exhibit uses Samuel Beckett as a jumping-off point, while the other deals with FBI documents on surveillance during the Red Scare. Despite the different subject matter, Peter Welz's and Jenny Perlin's works at The Kitchen are quite similar in how they reinterpret their source material. And that's why this show is so refreshing. Welz transposed a Beckett phrase into a dance, which was then filmed. The filmed movements were then drawn onto paper, and that drawing was used as inspiration for a sculpture. Wow. Similarly, Perlin uses one medium (film) to reinterpret another (written word). Filming in a stop-action animation, the transcript is scribbled across the screen. The word "inaudible" is comically written again and again. Perlin's other film recreates the actual recorded conversation over ominous shots of apartment doors and long hallways. (Images via The Kitchen)

Jenny Perlin Hallway