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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Weather Underground

Rosemary Laing weather #12When I see an image of a body free-falling through a flurry of shredded papers, I can't help but think: 9/11. Entitled "weather," Rosemary Laing's show at Galerie Lelong is about "current shifts in climate, both global and political." I like Laing's choices in these staged photographs: the color of the paper, the positions of the woman's body, her clothing, what's in focus, what's not. Contrasting with these pictures are photos that depict a Brothers Grimm's version of Eden. No where is safe, not heaven up in the sky nor utopia down on the ground. (Image via Galerie Lelong)

Rosemary Laing weather eden #1
Rosemary Laing weather #9