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Monday, April 02, 2007

Details, Details, Details

Johannes Vanderbeek BedJohannes Vanderbeek Ruins Culture PantsIt's all in the details when it comes to Johannes VanDerBeek's exhibit at Zach Feurer Gallery. Entitled "Bed Bush Ruins," the show's four sculptures at first look rather mundane until the viewer steps a little closer and takes a deeper look. Like seeing the Virgin Mary's image in a piece of burnt toast, three wise old faces appear in the stuffing of "Bed." "Ruins" at first seems to be an unknown archeological find, but this tomb is actually made from ground-up magazines. Likewise, don't let the life-sized "Bush" fool you; each leaf is a different painted view of infinite space. The artist's sleight-of-hand is a marvel, but it somewhat overshadows this show's attempt to connect the past, present, and future. (Images via Zach Feuer Gallery)

Johannes Vanderbeek Bush