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Friday, June 15, 2007

Monster Mashup

JASON MEADOWS Monster marqueeFrankenstein and Alice in Wonderland get the conceptual art treatment in Jason Meadows' exhibit at Tanya Bonakdar gallery. And it works. This primarily sculpture/assemblage show not only mixes up imagery from the two literary classics but also borrows concepts from other art forms. For instance, "Monster Marquee" features dual images of Frankenstein's creation on a bathroom mirror cabinet (a reference to Alice's looking glass?). The repetition of the cutout White Rabbit in one sculpture looks like a film strip, a nod to the cinematic art form. (Plus, it captures the druggy mood of the story), and the "Graverobber" work in which four coffins are aligned to form an opening or window, plays on that old literary device of the circle of life and death. (Images via Tanya Bonakdar gallery)

JASON MEADOWS White Rabbit Extrusion