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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bottoms Up, Here's to the Memories

Every time I see this ad in the NY Observer, it makes me so happy. When I was just a kid, I daydreamed about a New York way of life. I used to buy Interview magazine when it was strictly a Warhol enterprise, and this same exact ad -- so risque yet sophisticated -- would boldly stare out at me from the pages. And I thought if I ever live in NYC, I'm going to Cafe Luxembourg. I was deeply intrigued with those bathroom-like tiles on the bar, for whatever reason (yes, Freudians would have a field day). By the time I moved here, Warhol had died, and I had forgotten about Cafe Luxembourg. And then I started reading the Observer, and I'd see this ad every week. How wonderful to tease me with those long-lost memories/fantasies of a NY way of life.