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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dixie Chicks Brian-Wilsoned

Remember when entertainers who took a political stand and were penalized for it were called "Dixie Chicked"? Well, the Dixie Chicks have now been Brian-Wilsoned. That is, the country music group is writing songs about what they want to. And that's a bad thing, according to a Daily News article. Critic David Hinckley compares the group to Brian Wilson but not at all favorably and predicts the new Dixie Chicks' album is going to bomb because they are no longer writing "cruising anthems" but more personal songs. He writes, "Remember when Brian Wilson stopped writing about girls, cars and surfing and turned to vegetables?" Um, the album he's referring to is "Smile," which is considered a masterpiece, won a Grammy, and topped a gazillion best record of the year lists. I would never consider myself a Dixie Chicks fan, but now I'm rooting for this new album.