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Monday, June 18, 2007

Film Art

Sam Samore Scenarios #14When you enter D'Amelio-Terras gallery, keep repeating to yourself, "This is not a Cindy Sherman show, this is not a Cindy Sherman show." Sure, black and white photographs that look like old film stills adorn the walls, but the artist behind the camera is Sam Samore. Even though this exhibit is Shermanesque, this show stands on its own. Whereas Sherman's faux film stills tipped their hat to foreign cinema imagery, Samore's photos evoke a 1960s independent streak, more like John Cassavettes. As well, Sherman's work is more enamored of mise-en-scene, while Samore's photos capture film's all-important closeup. The grain is large, the mood serious, the emotions real. (Images via D'Amelio Terras gallery)

Sam Samore Scenarios #2
Sam Samore Scenarios #4