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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Bogie "3-Iron"

Synopsis: young guy breaks into houses while owners are vacationing and hangs out for awhile...until he meets an abused trophy wife who joins him in his scheme. I thought this film was going to be much more meditative. I thought that I was going to get a film similar to those by Ming-liang Tsai, one of my favorite directors. The trailer tricked me into believing that. Instead, I got Ming-liang Tsai lite. I may be wrong; the majority of critics seem to be doing backflips over this movie. The flick was definitely passable; I just expected a hell of a lot more. Right at the end, I thought, "OK. Now this film is really going to start." Whoops. Wrong. Out rolled the credits. The ending really felt like the beginning. On top of that, the director ended with some quote, explaining the film's theme, which I thought was a major cop-out. If you bloody have to explain the film at the end, you should have written a short story instead. (Image via