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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

No Interviews Please, We're Turkish

Orhan Pamuk recently spoke at a PEN World Voices forum, and, as the NY Sun points out, although his address was about freedom of speech, he refused to give any interviews:
A Knopf publicist told one reporter that [Pamuk] was not taking interviews. So it was somewhat ironic that Mr. Pamuk was whisked out of a PEN World Voices panel--which is dedicated to freedom of speech and expression--as several people wanted to speak with the noted writer.
I can understand Pamuk's reluctance to give interviews considering the fact that he was tried in Turkey based on an interview he gave (the charges were dropped). If interested, here's an account of the author's PEN World speech. (Image of Pamuk and Margaret Atwood via MetaxuCafe)

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