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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Faux Real

KAZ OSHIRO Fender Amp and Stereo CabinetHere we go again: another "Gotcha" art show. The photograph of the amplifier on the right? Fake. The microwave below? Fake. Like Robert Gober, Kaz Oshiro has created uncanny replicas of electronic devices and small appliances, including scuff marks and coffee stains, on display also at Yvon Lambert gallery. Unlike Gober, Oshiro lets the viewer in on the forgery. The back of each work reveals the sculpture's true materials--canvas and wood. While Gober's work is much more political, Oshiro's stuff is more playful. (Image via Yvon Lambert gallery)

KAZ OSHIRO Microwave Oven
KAZ OSHIRO Microwave Oven Back View