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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Who's Zoomin' Who?

Last April, Tyler Green requested bloggers to post on works of art that "rhyme," meaning, two pieces that share visual cues. Only recently has one image triggered another for me. The latest Chanel lipstick ad seems to be a blatant ripoff of Marilyn Minter's 2004 "Jawbreaker." (Madison Avenue admen aren't exactly artists--but on second thought, perhaps they are....) In the Chanel ad, a woman's perfectly lipsticked mouth nibbles on a single pearl necklace, while in Minter's image, a woman's perfectly lipsticked mouth clamps down on a strand of pearls. Only the beads of sweat on the Minter's woman's lips indicate that something a little subversive is going on. Otherwise, is there really any difference? (Image via and Chanel)

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